Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So yesterday I was puttering around the house - something I am VERY good at. Putting random things away, taking dirty dishes downstairs, putting a green bow on the wreath I have hanging on the front door. Putter putter putter. Minou and Birdie following me everywhere I go.
I end up in the kitchen and start moving a shelf and hanging a rack for coats - this involves screwing and hammering and loud Xmas music. Luc is home to - upstairs. Birdie is hanging out with me - Minou has gone back upstairs to bed.
I can hear Minou barking - ALOT. I'm wondering why Luc isn't having a hissy fit - and I'm wondering what her problem is. She doesn't usually bark like that - especially when we are home. I'm getting annoyed - Birdie has to start every now and then to. She just keeps barking - I start yelling at her to be quiet. I can't figure out why she doesn't come downstairs and why Luc isn't getting mad. But oh well. I keep puttering.
It is getting warm in the kitchen so I open the patio door a crack. Putter putter. Minou keeps barking.
Then I start thinking - wait a minute - she sounds like she is barking from outside? I stand outside and listen wondering if we have another window open in the house and that is why I can hear her that way. She barks again - no SHE IS OUTSIDE. I open the back gate and she comes running in - all wet and muddy!!!!
All I can figure is when I opened the front door to put the bow on the wreath she ran outside and I didn't see her. She must have been barking at the front door for like 1/2 an hour and I wasn't opening it. I'm glad she was smart enough to come to the back gate.
I am such a BAD mommy but I am very glad I have such a smart puppy.


  1. Ha, hopefully she'll take it as some sort of a lesson not to run out the front door? But she's probably smart enough to know that you didn't know...;)

  2. Hmmm, if that was Robin she'd have been down the road in a shot, without regard for traffic or common sense. Glad Minou is more sensible and safe.