Saturday, December 13, 2008

Minou and Birdie's Xmas presents in progress

Shoot just deleted a post I had written.....

Wanted to show my first ever attempt at freezer paper stencils. I had been trying to do appliques all morning - some with fabric some with leather - didn't work. The lines were to delicate so I decided it was time to try freezer paper and VOILA! It worked! These are for hoodies for the girls. Since I'm not spending money this year (ok I bought fabric paint and freezer paper -but I used a 40% off coupon) I have to make the girls clothes - usually I go out and spend a small fortune on designer sweaters at barking babies. I wanted to put this logo on that I have been using for a few other things. The freezer paper was perfect. I'm making an extra one ( with no initial) and will put it on etsy....

I also finished two Noro sweaters for the girls - I started them ages ago - feels good to finish them. I blocked Birdie's a little wider yesterday - only it was ALOT wider so I am in the process of shrinking it back down. Pour girl.

Found out the director didn't like my idea - too colorful - not surprised though. It does mean starting over - or at least finding a new directions - the sketches I have done are all period so it is just coloring them differently... I should be focusing on them but chihuahua hoodies are more fun...

I had some other stuff I had typed but I don't remember anymore. Sigh.

It's snowing here - nothing that sticks to the road or anything just enough to keep us at home in front of the fireplace. (And Minou from pooping)

I'm excited for Xmas - hope everyone else's projects are working out as well as mine are!!!!

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