Friday, November 25, 2005

guess what auntie steph - Mommy and Daddy decided to be like you! Daddy ran out of bed and by the time me and MOmmy caught up to him both of their cars looked like yours. Mommy is okay - just more stress to her bad week. But POOR POOR DADDY lost his most favourite thing in the world. His golf clubs. His NEW golf clubs. I heard Mommy saying she would get him some new ones. He was very sad. I tried to cheer him up by acting silly with my baboon but it didn't work.
So if there was anyone out there who was going to get him a Xmas present how about putting $$ towards his golf clubs - HINT HINT Grandma, Grandpa, very rich strangers and everyone else.
Mommy can't take a picture for my blog because her camera is at work. Hopefully it will get fixed tomorrow cause it will be a rainy Vancouver day.
Poor Mommy and Daddy....


  1. That sucks, Mommy. Maybe your house insurance will cover it?

  2. That sounds bad... what happened? Did someone steal the car? I have to go catch up with Auntie Steph's blog too so I can get the scoop, so behind in blogreading. But Minou! Love you!
    xo,crazy aunt purl

  3. Ohhh, so crappy. I'm so sorry Angie. :(

  4. Merry Freaking Christmas.

    I thought for about 1/2 a second that you meant Mommy and Daddy bought new cars... then I got it. Oh, that just sucks.

    My black cloud is spreading.

  5. Hey Minou!
    I was wondering if your mom and dad make clothes big enough for bulldogs? I like your clothes they are fancy...I need something o warm me up in the winter cause' it gettin perty cold here in ohio..and Im not built for this stuff hehehe
    get back to me on my to you later!!