Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mommy just asked me to tell everyone to watch Da Vinci's tonight so that MAYBE JUST MAYBE THEY WILL TURN THE HEAT ON IS THIS FRICKING (no grandma it isn't really a swear word when spelled that way) FREEZING BUILDING. Perhaps if enough people will watch they will get higher ratings and more money so they can turn on the heat.
It is bloody colder inside then it is outside. Mommy works in an OFFICE and she wears her puffy coat and scarf all day long at work. WHat is the point of spending $100 of dollars at target, winners and ross dress for less on cute clothes if they are all covered up by a big puffy coat and scarf. And we live on the west coast it is not supposed to be cold - it is supposed to be WARM!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHH!!!! TURN ON THE HEAT!!!!!! We can't sew when our fingers are frozen.....


  1. that's one of the reason they make fingerless gloves???

  2. Minou, I think you should ask your mommy if you can come stay with me for a while! It's unseasonably warm here today! You'd love it! We can just flop down on the living-room floor in front of the big window and sun ourselves all day long while munching on Greenies!!! How does that sound? I'll even make sure Jager doesn't bother us girls! ;)