Sunday, November 20, 2005

This looks bad.
Mommy found that picture of the baby online - and now she is talking to the lady about the baby. AND I heard her talk about going to see the baby. This does not look good. NOT AT ALL.
They still have to ask the landlady. I have a plan - poop on her doorstep. On her driveway. EVERYWHERE and stinky stuff too. Maybe I can get the horny pug next door to help out. There must be a way of stopping this.
Start a letter writing campaign. send them too:
Big white house at end of street,
Vancouver BC,
Tell her how her house will be ruined with another chihuahua and how unhappy she will be. Please help me.


  1. Oh Minou! Don't be scared, your mommy will still love you. At least she is not getting a KINKAJOU like that Paris Hilton did. Be nice to the baby though because mommy will just protect it and probably stick you in a cage. But you may grow to love the baby -- you will have a PLAYMATE!!!! If you want you can come and live with my dad. He is 83 years old and lives alone. He has lots of flowers to sniff.

  2. I think you are a lucky dog. I wish my mommy would get me a baby dog to play with. I love chihuahuas very much, even though they are really big and scary. I usually lay down on the ground when I see them so they don't hurt me.

    If you decide you don't like the baby, you can come live with me and my parents. The food sucks but they make up for it in belly rubs.

  3. Minou,
    Having my Mommy get me my very own puppy was the best thing ever! And you know what? I'm still the favorite! Jager doesn't even have his own blog...and he's tortured with clothes! (Oh wait, so are you)
    Anyway, just put the baby's head in your mouth if it gets out of line...that's what I do! Works like a charm! heh heh heh