Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mommy is stressed.
Mommy's boss is sick in hospital so now Mommy has to work extra hard and TRY NOT TO SCREW UP THE TV SHOW. Ha ha ha ha. So if any of you watch the 12th episode of Da Vinci's (a few months from now) and people are dressed kinda weird - boys in ball gowns, ladies in diapers and the chief of police in my chihuahua sweaters - YOU KNOW WHY. Or maybe just maybe - she will put everyone from Da Vinci in Brigadoon costumes and everyone in Brigadoon in Da Vinci costumes. HA HA HA HAAAAAA. This will be fun. I could help but it is more fun to sit back with Daddy, watch her freak out and laugh. Yes that is what I will do.
Still no word on the puppy - waiting to hear from the landlady. I am thinking since Mommy is stressed out she is yelling at me more and if I had a baby sister she would be to busy yelling at her so maybe this would be a good thing. I guess we have to wait until the weekend.


  1. wow your mommy does a tv show? I bet thats cool...

  2. If my parents do a tv show, and they are behind the biggest and most popular ones right now, I'd be so proud of them.

  3. thank you for always making me laugh. xox - minou's fav. dog walker.