Monday, November 28, 2005


Originally uploaded by Ang,Luc, & Minou.

Mommy and Daddy are EVIL. I started school on SAT. Mommy kept telling me I was but I didn't know what it is. I was sooo scared! Mommy sat and watched and Daddy went to school with me. There were some BIG DOGS! A great Dane, a rotweiller, a german shepard and a bulldog. But there were some little dogs too, another chihuahua, two poms, a papillion. I HATED IT. I CRIED THE ENTIRE CLASS FOR MOMMY TO COME GET ME. Daddy was pretty mad. But I kept crying. I thought for sure MOmmy would come pick me up - but she is so horrible she didn't. They made me "heel" and "stay" what a joke. NEVER. The Papillion peed on the floor - maybe I will try that next week. Oh - yah - I pooped in Auntie Thyrza's house. Heh heh. I was mad at everyone for ignoring me, and I had to poop. I hope I don't have to go to school again. Yuck.


  1. What the F Minou??? You MUST retaliate!!! That is NOT fair at all! I sure hope my Mommy doesn't read about this...or they'll be sending me off to that "school" place too! Uh hello?!? NOT LIKING THE SOUND OF THAT...AT ALL! I suggest you pack your little bags and head south for my house! I will protect you! We will run away together if we must!

  2. I agree with Rollie. WTF? The same thing happened to me, but it was when I was a little girl in "Kinderpuppy". I have some advice though, this is what you do to give your parents a nervous breakdown during class:
    1. No matter how good the treat is, decide that you are "not hungry". Then poop on the floor.
    2. When they tell you to "watch me", sniff the floor.
    3. Jump on the other dogs when they are doing their commands correctly.
    4. Hide under a chair during social time.
    5. When they say "come" go run over to someone else.
    6. "Heel" means stop and pull on your leash in the other direction.
    7. Spontaneously go deaf.

    This is how I managed to drop out of intermediate obedience after "passing" kinderpuppy(i.e., they passed everyone, even the silly german shepherd that just barked all the time).