Sunday, November 13, 2005

This was a pumpkin mommy made at work for her pumpkin carving contest - mommy's team only cam in 2nd. I was there that day and I saw the other pumpkins and I think mommy's should have won. It is a little hard to tell but it is the lead acto's face from her tv show. The inside of the pumpkin was covered in sequins.

Me in my sexy cop uniform - do you like my shiny gun.

me helping Heather sew. She thought I was in the way and taking up too much time. Whatever. I was helping... I went to work with mommy all weekend. I helped her do fittings and said hi to all the actors. Then we went to the studio and did even more work. Sometimes I get a little bored though.

Mommy was in seattle yesterday and she got me a new bag - WE LOVE IT. It is from Ross Dress for Less and it is a Nicole Miller puppy bag. It is the BEST bag ever. Lots of pockets and stuff... She got me pretty pink pearl necklace from target too. I wish i could have gone to seattle too.... I got left at home with Daddy who ignored me. Although not as much as Mommy does when she is working so much. If I knew how to drive I would go to visit auntie steph or someone.... anyone....
oh and daddy made me cookies the other night and Auntie Penny ate one - everyone is so weird... Doesn't Auntie Penny know they are MY COOKIES?


  1. Ha, I think that's funny; there's your mom's pumpkin with sequins all inside and someone's face actually carved delicately in relief...and then, right next to it, the world's most blah jack o' lantern. (But who am I, the Blackwell of pumpkins?)

    I do love you cop uniform, although it makes me think you're "here for a noise complaint.

    Yeah, you ladies aren't being loud ENOUGH! Who wants to do body shots? Where's the bride-to-be?"

    Good thing you aren't wearing pants, you have a headstart in the stripper game. ;P

  2. My Em tried one some kitty food the other day, I bet your cookies were a lot better!

    If you knew how to drive you'd have to come visit us. Em and Liz would be so excited they'd pay lots of attention to you.

  3. I like your mommy's pumpkin! I definitely think that the competition was unfair! Clearly the winner should have been your mommy!
    My Mommy doesn't carve pumpkins...she's too lazy! :(

  4. Min min... you look so sweet and peaceful sleeping on Heather's arm. And so sexy in your police uniform; did the other dogs hit on you in the park? It's hard to resist a gal in uniform.

    Auntie Penny should be arrested for eating your cookies!

  5. Dear Minou,
    Look how formidable you are in your police uniform!! Also, you look like they are working you to death in that sweatshop, so tired you are falling asleep at the machine! Poor puppy :)

    Come visit soon.