Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I have presents under the tree - FOR ME and they smell good. Mommy wrapped them yesterday while I watched. I tried to pull them out of the paper whenever she reached for tape or scissors. I think I will unwrap them and Daddy's while everyone is at work today.... She has presents for Birdie too - Birdie won't even be here until after Xmas and is too little for presents so I will open hers for her.


  1. thanks for the birthday was pretty cool but sucky at the same time have a baby sister? like a real baby sister or a puppy baby sister? mom and dad better not bring me home a baby unless its a puppy...Im jealous, all my friends get to have puppies and me I cant have squat....makes me so mad I could spit (well if we bulldogs could spit that is)
    by the way I was going to add you as a link on ky blog would that be okay?

  2. hey minou,
    how did you make that button of yours for your site?