Saturday, December 10, 2005

mommy is done work on brigadoon FINALLY. today we kinda slept in - we had to get up at 9:30 cause I had to go to school. Daddy and I tried to convince MOmmy we shouldn't go but it didn't work. SHe was really cranky all the way there too. Daddy and me didn't practise all week so I wouldn't do what I was told. And daddy didn't help her get anything ready. But she cheered up after she went to starbucks. Daddy was with me in class this week again (last week mommy was with me and Daddy watched) so just to tick off daddy I cried the entire time again and looked as sadly as possible at mommy. It isn't working somehow - she used to always rescue me but now she lets me suffer. I will keep trying.
That mean bulldog nacho wasn't there this week but the great dane was. Bella and I (the other chihuahua) hung out together and shared a blanket. The teacher tried to use me as an example on how to "come" today - she said because "I had so much to say" whatever I was yelling for my MOM! ANyways when she said "come" I tried to run to Mommy. It didn't work- they stopped me and made me sit on that cold pavement.
but then we went to get our christmas tree - that was fun. I picked one out but M and D said it was too small. We have pictures but the battery for the camera is recharging so it will have to wait.......
Now I am going to bed. WITH MOMMY BEFORE 2:00AM - YIPPEE!!!!!!!


  1. Minou, I'm glad you get some good playtime with your Mommy, just in time for Christmas!!

  2. i'm not that bad, you know...this blog of yours, young lady, could be a little more kind to your daddy-O!!! or at least lay off of the stuff i don't do and mention all the good times we have! just wait 'til iget home, you little brat!

  3. Hello Minou, My Mommy and I were watching Martha last night, she had on a little Russian Chihuahua, named Scooby and his 14 year old owner both are from the The Big Apple Circus. They did an interesting act. My Mommy thought he was quite smart and amazing. I thought he was a bit of a show off. You can see a bit of the clip here.
    My mommy says if I go to school I will learn to be a good little doggy and may learn so fun tricks. I say it is more fun to be crazy, wild and silly. Holly an East Coast puppy.