Tuesday, December 13, 2005

knitting? sewing? general craft doings??????

Mommy wanted me to apologize for letting this become a puppy dominated blog. She was so busy with brigadoon that is all she did for the past two months -every night every day every weekend. And it makes for boring pictures after awhile. They made ALL the costumes - 3 people made complete outfits for 30 actors. Mommy looked pretty horrible by the end.....
ANyways she says she is going to finish the scarf she started in AUgust that was going to be a Xmas present and then she is going to have to knit birdie a sweater cause she is to small for my clothes.... So soon my pretties.. there will be new and interesting things to show you all and make you jealous and covet mommy's wonderful ability to multitask. (HA HA NOT!)


  1. Minou - I'm so relieved that Mommy will be joining the crafting world again. Not to mention that she will be joining your world too. YAY!

  2. It must be good to have your mommy back with you. But, she shouldn't worry about this not being a crafting blog -- all those costumes! I'm impressed.

    And you absolutely should open Birdie's presents, she won't know the difference. Bet she'll be excited to have a big sister though.