Monday, December 19, 2005


Originally uploaded by Ang,Luc, & Minou.

I got me a new sweater yesterday. Mommy was supposedly sewing a raincoat for a puppy for a Christmas present but instead came around the corner with this. Apparently there is enough left over to make Birdie a sweater too. Mommy has been buying gap sweaters from value village that people shrink and get rid of and been sewing them into sweaters for me. I have another striped pink one too. There is one more sweater sitting in her fabric basket waiting!!!! red and orange stripes...

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  1. Minou, you look so pretty in your new sweater! Purple is definitely your colour. What a lucky dog! Little Birdie is kinda cute, I agree, but you are a beautiful, good girl dog. Think about all the trouble you can get into with the little one if you team up against mommy and daddy...