Thursday, December 22, 2005


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I got to see Santa last night. FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS CHRISTMAS. But this one was the real one - the first one was a 15 yr old kid with a bad white beard. This one was at the MALL - he was real. There was lots of other puppies at the mall too and I was good and said hi to all of them. Someone even commented on how social I was being. (Mommy was impressed that I wasn't hiding or wanting 'upsies')
Mommy made me a collar for Xmas too - not sure why she is trying to be secrective about it - it's on flickr and I was there when she made it. Weirdo. But now it is in my stocking. Birdie gets one too - it is under the tree.

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  1. you got to meet SANTA?!?! you are so lucky! doggies aren't allowed in the malls around here.