Monday, December 26, 2005

OMG.... I saw it - her - it.... It was freaky... I was in the car waiting for Mommy and Daddy. When they came to the car they had this THING. It was small and it squeaked. i was kinda excited so I wagged my tail but I was totally freaked out so I barked a whole bunch and hide as far as I could - but I was trapped in the car with it...
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! scary...
i am still freaked out.
i also got a bunch of montreal smoked meat today from my new friend carl. But don't tell daddy he gets mad.
That puppy was freaky. Scary.


  1. It'll be okay -- she'll look more like a real dog soon. Is she home with you now or was this just a quick meeting?

    What did you get for Christmas?

  2. oh it'll be alright baby... you probably squeaked like that when you were little. She was probably as frightened as you.

  3. Yeah, they're all funny-looking when they're that young...especially human children. Just look at it this way, you now have someone you can lord it over. See, it pays to be first!

  4. Merry christmas to you too minou!!
    I think Rollie is doing okay.. My dad saw her mom and dad the other day and they were fine as always. But I think that Rollie isnt going to be liking having a new baby around too much but maybe not though.. she might love the fact that she gets to have two little things to look after, Jager and the baby.. mym mom thinks its going to be a girl but my grammie thinks its going to be a boy...eeehh who knows...any way good to hear from ya!!!
    by the way.. you arent related to any chi wa wa s around here where I live in ohio are you? cause our neighbor needs an additude adjustment and I thought if you were related to himn (named sammie I believe) maybe you could teach have a little talk with him to take his dog bone out of his butt every once in a while.. I think he wouldnt be so grouchy !!

  5. Oh hi, hi, hi Mini Minou!!!!! I am so sorry that you have worried over me. You are such a nice friend to think of me like that. Mommy is just real sick anymore because of this "baby"! She keeps saying that the baby is coming and she tells me it's in her belly, but I can't see it? She's weird anymore and she hasn't been able to help me update my blog which really sucks and is very mean of her. We do, however, check your blog as often as possible! I love your picture with Santa...he seems scary though with that white beard, Daddy's beard is brown and red. I thought Santa Paws was a dog like us??? Hmmm? Anyway, I'll update soon (or at least try to...I may have to do it all by myself). I can't wait to hear all about your prizeys!

  6. Hi! sorry this is late but merry christmas and happy new year! 2006 will be gooooooood!!