Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Auntie Penny came and took Birdie away yesterday. At first I was really happy. But then I started getting worried and without Mommy being home I thought she would be mad if she knew Penny took Birdie away. And then Auntie Penny came back WITH NO BIRDIE! I freaked out - what did she do to Birdie? Then she was trying to take ME away. I was growling at her and went to hide. Finally Auntie Penny went away.
Then Daddy came home and saw Birdie was missing. He went and FOUND Birdie and she had been DRUGGED!!!! and they had cut her open and she had stitches!!!!!! I think maybe Auntie Penny is an alien, alien abductions!!!!
Today SHE CAME BACK!!!! I was soo scared I wouldn't let her touch ME or BIRDIE. I barked and growled. Birdie doesn't seem to care but I don't think she knows what happened to her. I don't know what to do. I wish Mommy would come home so I could tell her about Auntie Penny. Daddy must be helping Auntie Penny because he knew where Auntie Penny put Birdie and he still lets her come over.
This is totally freaky. If anyone sees my Mommy please tell her to come home and take us with her. I don't want to be probed.


  1. Ooooh, i've heard of this--don't worry. What happened is Aunt Penney took Birdie to the vet, the vet gave Birdie some rockin' drugs, made a small incision, took out her uterus so she can't make more Birdies and then filled her with candy and greenies and sewed her back up.

    On Cinco de Mayo they'll give you a stick and you can whack her with it 'til the candy and greenies come back out.

    It's a North American tradition.

    See how much your Auntie Penney loves you?

  2. Aunt Penny is probably NOT an alien. I *think* Birdie had a little operation so there wouldn't be babies in the house to bug you. Either that, or, Aunt Penny IS an alien, and in that case, you should watch your back.

  3. Hmm, I had heard that a similar thing happened to you some time ago, but I guess you don't remember. I guess it must be alien abductions and maybe they erased your memories?

    Just be nice to Birdie while she gets better, okay?

  4. Minou - I'm fairly certain that Auntie Penny is an alien! Be careful around her. If she abducts you, you'll end up wearing a space suit and serving drinks to other aliens at "Auntie Penny's Intergalactic Space Bar and Food Emporium".

    That must be what happened to Birdie, only she's too little to carry the trays, so she must have been fired. And then injured in a light saber battle. yeah, that's it.

    All I can say is, "Put tinfoil on the windows!"