Saturday, May 6, 2006

Mommy didn't come home last night - I thought she would it was a Friday night. But NOOOO Mommy and no signs of her arriving this am. The house is a mess and no one seems to care. I haven't had my teeth brushed or my nails clipped in FOREVER. Maybe it isn't so bad without Mommy here.
Oh I hope she comes home soon. It has been really nice outside but I don't trust Auntie Penny or Daddy to take me out for a walk.
If anyone sees Mommy please give her money for the ferry ride and send her home.


  1. hi minou,

    i will walk you anytime...i miss you. just call me...

    your favorite dog walker, christine

  2. i deeply resent those wild allegations of neglect. seems to me that such absence from home leads to all sorts of unfounded accusations...i think someone needs to get better intelligence before making comments of such a diffamatory nature.

  3. well? has Minou had her teeth brushed or her nails clipped? Is the house clean? Have you done any laundry?
    heh heh heh

  4. listen there, holier-than-thou lady. long distance nagging has even less chance of success than your regular kind of close quarter usual nagging. so you may as well give up on that. NOT gonna work!!!

  5. Minou? Are Mommy and Daddy going to get a divorce?


    I'm scared, Minou.

  6. who is nagging Minou and I are just stating facts. i would never nag you.