Monday, May 8, 2006

so still no mommy. I guess she isn't coming home. Apparently her movie has This person in it. Maybe her and that person have just become best buddies and she has forgotten us little people. Flying around in private jets with personal assistants.
She'll be sorry. One day she'll be at some fancy 5 star resort and she will realize she has no friends and life isn't all about money and glamour. But will Daddy, Birdie and I still be waiting for her? I think NOT. We will find a new mommy - not auntie penny though - she is an alien. Maybe if anyone is going to Victoria can they come get me and I will at least look for mommy? Convince her to come home.


  1. I have a feeling that mommy isn't gone forever. As a doggie mommy myself, I know that I miss my fur-kid SO MUCH whenever I have to leave home.

    BTW - you and birdie are so much cuter and more fun than that stupid Kim.

  2. Minou, you and Birdie can come live with me, all the cats are trying to escape anyway. I should have been a dog person ;)