Tuesday, May 2, 2006

stephen harper REALLY hates puppies

just a quick note. been listening to the cbc today. Our stupid prime minister is giving his budget today - with tax cuts for middle income families and supposedly a 6% GST instead of the 7%. Well that is great and all but when they ask where the money is coming from this is the answer - less spending on the enviroment and culture.
GR-EAT. SO mommy will get tax cuts BUT she will have no jobs (as already witnessed...)
If there are any really really big puppies out there who live in Ottawa and need a BIG BONE to chew on I can reccomend a few...


  1. Not as much as he hates babies.

  2. He hates Uncles too. I wonder if that means that Uncle Andrew's trip will be cancelled.

  3. He eats babies? Doesn't that mean he loves them (with fava beans and a nice chianti)?

    It's the new poolitical math, we have it here too. When you eat babies, you don'treally worry about the future consequences.

  4. Perhaps he eats his babies with a side of puppies. I would avoid him at all costs if I were you.