Saturday, May 13, 2006

momee hom!!!!!!! YAY!!! momee hom!!!!!!!
burdee haat scool. scool no fun. dadee tak burdee to scool wen momee gun. now momee hom and no scool. meen man en wyt shirt hurt burdee tumee. burdee tri bit meen man.
burdee be weth momee all dae. we nap ootsied bi pool.
momee hom momee hom momee hom!!!!!!
meneu hapee to.


  1. Birdie: I'm so relieved that Mommy is home. Have a great weekend with her.

  2. DEEEER BurDee-
    This BOUFIE. My MomMMee had knee SuRR-JER-EEEE. She stay at HOM with BOufIe ALLLL Day. YOU Go tell yer MoMMMee to do that toooo. My MOmmmeee onle cried once. I Tak good care of her. PS-I am a good luking hunk of doggee-a SCHNOODLE.

  3. good idea boufie. if mommy keeps running she will need knee surgury. She got a HUGE bruise from falling in the tub while she was away too - she is a klutz, knee surgury can''t be far.