Sunday, May 21, 2006

it is sunday and no mommy. I can only assume she was eaten by the purple monster or she doesn't love us. either of which suck.
our fence has been torn down in one spot so birdie and I are planning our escape. It isn't that we don't like daddy we just think someone needs to help mommy. he doesn't seem to be overly concerned. So we can totally get out of the backyard. Next we need to know where victoria is and how to drive. oh and daddy's car keys. if I steer birdie can push the pedals. She is eating alot in hopes that she will gain a bunch of weight - right now she doesn't weigh enough to push the pedals. i'm even letting her eat my food so we can get mommy sooner.
daddy always puts his keys on the microwave and we can't reach up there so I am not sure how we will get those. this plan isn't completely thought out. But the first part is in place - we CAN get out of the backyard.
Perhaps I should just send birdie out on a scouting mission - tell her to find victoria.


  1. I think you may have the enlist the help of a *shudder* cat. You can pay them in catnip. Once you got them hopped up on the junk and eating out of the palm of your paw, convince that cat to jump up on the microwave to retrieve Daddy's keys.

    I also heard about a cat who could drive on TV, Toonces. Perhaps he is in the yellowpages.

    Once you get to the octopus you can barter your hired cat for mommy. Cats look like good eatin' to octopus. Good luck.

  2. Who's Victoria?