Friday, May 26, 2006

burdee go scool lest nite. burdee HAET SCOOL! burdee do 'pass de puppee' burdee haet pass de puppee. burdee do not lik oder peupl tuching burdee. onlee daddee an momee can tuch burdee. pass de puppee es stoopid. how cum meneu does not du pass de puppee... unfare.


  1. A wise person named Emmanuel Lewis once said,

    "Just say NO! and tell someone you trust"

    You should drink a bunch of water before your next class and pee on anyone who picks you up. Or eat some poop and start giving out the kisses.

    Sophie would LOVE pass the puppy - but she is a bit slutty that way and not a good role model.

  2. Pass the puppy?

    When your Auntie was in High School, we played "Spin The Bottle".

    Sigh. Times have changed.