Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alright I did it.
I started an Esty shop.
It isn't any of the things anyone told me to do. There might be some dog clothes one day but as of yet - NOPE. Maybe even dog clothes patterns - that I could do. But no that is not what is in my esty shop.

I am making business cards. I'm going to do a variety of backgrounds/themes. People can then pick their favorites and I'll put their info on the cards instead of my made up info. I'll have them printed here in the city and ship them out to their new homes. They aren't cheap though - that is the downside. I could do cheaper ones but I wanted to do the happy enviroment recycled ones with special green inks which basically doubles the price. Right now the printers are printing 500 business cards free though so you end up getting 1000 cards for that price. We'll see what happens. I've got nothing to lose these days. I might do some letterheads and other stationary options yet. I've only done two so far - which aren't my favorites but I have class tonight and much homework to do for that.
I also haven't been feeling too hot the last two days - nothing serious, just the usual period but in my attempt to not take prescription drugs I end up sleeping ALOT. I finally took a pill yesterday. It helped but I basically walked around stoned all day. Not very good state of mind for getting things accomplished.

Not much to much else these days. Been golfing with my sweetie - he is finally taking me to baby golf courses - after 5 years. I have managed to par a hole or two but most of the time I am at 10 strokes on a par 3. It is sad really. But it is alot more fun then the driving range. If I ever get any better I will have to start buying cute little golf outfits - right now it would be to embarrassing. You show up at a course with all the gak and a name brand shirt and skirt and then BOOM you hit one 40 yds into the trees. Nice. Nope.It is better I show up in jeans with my pink golf ball and pink clubs right now and look like I don't know what I am doing. People stay out of the way more.

Ok. I should go make supper - go be a good wife*. You 'd think someone who is unemployed with no kids could do a bit of housework and have supper ready for her sweetie everynight - not me! It is a struggle everyday.

Come visit my esty shop over the next few days - and heck order some cards!

* this is in the loosest of terms since as I may remind everyone I am NOT married nor am I engaged. I am simply living in sin with the dictator much to my own disappointment.


  1. eeeh you started an Etsy shop!
    I'm going there now as soon as I finish writing this comment.

    but before then, I must tell you, that being a wife doesn't mean that you get the housecleaning or the cooking done either.

  2. Argh! You made blog cards for me!

    $199 blog cards.


    (And I live in vancouver!)

  3. I am so happy you started an etsy shop! You are one of the most creative people I've met!

    I hope it takes off and you can work from home with your two awesome assistants. I am sure they are excellent help....