Sunday, June 29, 2008

I worked on Friday.
Of course I did - it was the Friday before the long weekend. And of course the dictator got off work early.
I was a day call for Night at the Museum 2. I was supposed to go on set and was actually a little excited about it (even though I hate going on set) because the movie is full of actors I like - Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson etc etc etc... I would have been starstruck - very subtle though of course since I'm not really allowed to be star struck. BUT I didn't get to go. I don't thin they were all there that day anyways but still. Assuming the actor's strike doesn't happen I think I am back tomorrow - but on second unit that usually means just photo doubles, extras and stunt people..... No famous people to ogle.
Oh well.
It is finally hot here. FINALLY. It is 7:30 am and it is already 31 degrees Celsius YIPPEE!!!!! Yesterday was super hot to. It was the yearly fireman's pancake breakfast. It was not - however- hot enough for the firemen to take their shirts off. Sorry to disappoint the single ladies. Maybe today? We'll go again. The Dictator and I spent the morning eating pancakes and then walked to Pajo's to eat some more. They had FROZEN BANANAS dipped in chocolate!!!!!!! This was one of my favorite treats in L.A. that I missed dearly over the years. I am so happy to get it close to home now.
Yah we ate too much yesterday within the span of 4 hours.
They we came home and had to stay out of the sun for a bit. I did some homework. When it started to cool off we took our bikes to the Port Coquitlam dykes, it was lovely. The girl's sit in my basket and off we go. A 5 minute drive and we are out in the country next to blueberry fields. Our ride got cut short though when we saw a bear on the road. We had to turn around. That was the first time I had seen a bear anywhere near there but I guess they are there all the time. It was just a tiny bear but that probably meant it's mom was close by.
Not much else going on. I have to get my homework done this weekend in case of work - and there is much to do still. Sucky weather to do it in........ but hey - maybe it will stick around for a bit now that it is almost JULY! Eeps. Happy Canada Day if I don't post again in the next few days!!!!


  1. Did the girls see the bear? I'm just wondering if they are attack chihuahuas after all.

  2. Minou, Birdie!

    I never realized you guys lived in Vancouver! That's pawesome!

    I take agility classes at Bev's barn in Pitt Meadows on Tuesday mornings the summer right now... It's a little far, but it's a GRRRReat place! I hope you guys get back into agility action soon, it's super fun!


  3. How often do you get to label your blog posts with "dykes"? Probably not that often...