Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just checking in with all my METRO Halifax buddies. I keep seeing the news about the fires out there - scary. I can't imagine. Even if your house isn't threatened I know how horrible the air is when there is fires like that around. (I lived in California remember - brush fire capital of the world) I hope you are all safe and healthy. If you aren't, Steph is always up to play Martha Stewart to some guests. heh heh....

Not much new here. Word is the actor's strike is happening. That means my one job prospect is on hold. Oh goody.

Been doing alot of homework and waiting for the rain to go away. It is actually sunny outside today - I kind of don't believe it. Of course Angie leaves today for Banff so that is the end of my pathetic social life.


  1. I posted a few photos of the fire as seen from Halifax looking over at Dartmouth. There is another fire on this side of the harbour however much smaller and it has been contained.

  2. The wind was blowing the smoke away from the city, and the storm clouds look promising tonight...

    Any friend of Angela's is welcome here!