Thursday, June 26, 2008

just spent ALL DAY making my pattern for Minou's hoodies. It is hard making something make sense for other people that you have been using for so many years. I never had a very accurate patter - just kind of winged it. It was fun though. MIght have to do another size tomorrow now that the hard part is done.
It is there on esty too. If anyone uses it they will have to let me know if my instructions suck. They were surprisingly difficult to write.


  1. Etsy not Esty...good on you lady!You will become the best graphic designer /pattern maker on the site!

  2. Love to see the pattern in a larger size... like a Robin size.
    She is a Parson Russell Terrier or a Jack Russell Terrier depending on which side of the controversy a person stands.
    Robin is 14lbs, neck 10in, chest 18in & back lengh 14in.

    Good luck with the shop!!!!

  3. This is so good!! My parents just got a dog and I was thinking of knitting him a little sweater for the holidays but sewing a hoodie or some other dog clothes would be easier. I am such a slow knitter. If you do decide to go into designing bigger dog patterns, I will be first in line....

    Look at Minou so pretty in her cherry hoodie. And thanks for the comment from you, too! It has been way too long since we saw each other last, I want to come to Canada. Maybe I can come there for vacation next year. I am a good dog babysitter....