Sunday, June 1, 2008

i really didn't take any good pictures while Steph was here. How pathetic. And now she is gone. A few hours ago she was in Toronto - she must almost be in Halifax now, maybe another hour?

Steph took lots of pics though. I'm sure there will be plenty of embarrassing shots on her blog soon enough...

birdie 'shakes' henry's hand

Birdie and Minou did meet Henry. Birdie quite enjoyed his company when Steph wasn't watching.

birdie and henry

Shockingly Birdie LOVED her Auntie. Still don't know how Steph aka dog whisperer managed that. Birdie hates everyone. Steph managed to have Birdie sitting in her lap within an hour. I think it was voodoo.
Minou remembered Steph too - she was quite affectionate even with her princess disposition.

There was lots of walking, starbucks, shopping ( a trip to target across the border and a wholesale sewing notions place), eating homemade 'cardiac arrest' blueberry cheesecake ice cream, and more starbucks.
It was fun and I am sad she is gone so soon - although I don't think I would fit in my pants much longer if she had stayed. Does anyone remember Steph's comment about how I am willing to eat an entire box of donuts with her - yah well, it works both ways. Ice cream for breakfast - and then maybe waffles, and then fish and chips for lunch - oh don't forget starbucks and more starbucks and maybe pizza, what is a vegetable? I even slept in and missed boot camp on Friday. SO BAD.
So if I look fat in the pictures - well it is my own fault.

anyways - it is bedtime. Must get on some kind of schedule tomorrow. I'm back in classes 2 nights a week.
And just for those of you who are wondering - there was much baboon humping.....


(please don't kill me 'S' - I had to post this one - I know you have payback photos anyways......and I'll add the disclaimer. see no one will know it is you - I didn't use your real name)

** Persons may not be as they seem in this photo
1. Said persons were sick and we were lucky they weren't in bed with pjs on
2. The angle was horrible - said person is much much slimmer in real life
3. Sunglasses were being worn to disguise this celebrity - as a result you couldn't see her radiant eyes and glowing skin
4. Baboon was actually not being squashed within an inch of his life but was loving his first humping from this person.


  1. Tell Baboon that I miss him already.

    I think the cold medication was responsible for making my butt look big.

  2. Speechless at the photo of "S" humping Baboon.