Friday, June 6, 2008

I couldn't sleep last night so I didn't go to boot camp. Grrrrrr... Mad at myself for not getting up.
Now it is 8:30 and I should really be going to the gym but oh so LAZY! Incredibly so.

You were all right - Twin Peaks, I wasn't specifically doing fire walk with me or the series, all the same to me (and I haven't seen one or the other in awhile so it is hard to differentiate.)
Just in case I did another one for another movie but I don't think it is as good so you are going to have to wait until I tweak it.

Gosh I have nothing to say. Things are quiet. It is raining outside - like POURING, these days so no fun outside adventures with the girls. I have lots of homework to do so I have been spending my time on the computer while Minou and Birdie nap on the futon behind me. The house is a disaster but no one is coming to visit so why keep it clean? I think Sarah and I finished up with our logo for the travel agent stuff (first real graphic design job) we came up with something I really liked but the woman has bad taste in fonts so we had to change it. So sad. Let's just say I'll be putting my version in my portfolio.

I started a few crafts with Steph. Some have made progress. Birdie is getting a new noro sweater - she outgrew her puppy one YEARS ago. I'm on the neck and then just the sleeves to do. There is wool for Minou too. I started my mini Minou which is actually life size Minou - haven't been back to that yet but hoping to soon. As soon as the homework is done I'll allow myself a bit of play time this weekend. My tea bag dress came home this week - have no idea what to do with it. It is huge. Sad thing is it might go in the garbage. Oh here is sad news. The wearable art awards have been cancelled this year (at least for now). Apparently the woman who has been running them for the past few years is no longer with the gallery. They say they will try and have it in the spring instead but I have my worries. At least this means I'm not behind on my dress. Although that isn't very comforting.

Ok I REALLY should go to the gym. I think I gained five pounds just hearing Steph describe the home made oreos she made last night.

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  1. If they wearable arts show doesn't happen again, at least it ended on a high note - with you sweeping the awards.

    I think it's going to rain here this weekend, so I'm hoping to get to the fabric store so I can get the curtains made for my craft room.