Monday, June 16, 2008

Color theory - what happens when you mix red with white?

oops. I haven't seen the sun in so long I forgot what it does.

The dictator took me to a pitch and putt for the first time yesterday. Being fathers day and the first sunny day in YEARS it was a little busy. I was totally not thinking when we left the house. I wasn't wearing sunscreen, didn't bring it with me - that is pretty out of character for me. Needless to say after four hours of turning par 3s into par 10s I was a little burnt.
I'm happy to say on the 18th hole I actually hit the green, then putted to within 2 ft of the hole - whereupon my attempt at par went down the tube and it ended up being too many to count. So close yet so far. Watch out Tiger Woods I'm coming fo ryou.

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