Sunday, February 5, 2006

burdee have computr. me and momme go 4 kar rid farwae. no meneu. no meneu fud. me cri lots. want to go hum. war es meneu. i cri untel momme tak me hum.


  1. Birdie, maybe your should post in your native language. ;-)

  2. Poor Birdie, I'm sorry you miss Minou. I hope you and your Mommy will have fun in Kamloops. I think you will have to keep her busy so she doesn't get to bored... I hope I can see you soon after you come home! It was very nice to meet you recently. :)

  3. Birdie,
    Do you have a brother named Mouse?
    you sound like maybe you two are related or had the same obedience teacher lol
    I like yo teacher much better than my stupid old mom....

  4. Oh sweetie. It will be all right. You'll see. You have Mommy all to your self for a while.

  5. Why are you in Kamloops? Where is Kamloops. Okay, I'll go google.

    I bet Minou misses you too.

  6. Couldn't leave a comment on earlier posts so I will leav e them all there. Birdie: Love your new sweater. Noro is kinda scratchy, though.
    Uncle Andrew: That song rocks!
    We want more movies! Daddy says to zzzzzoooom in.

  7. Poor Birdie...I am sad for you! Hang in there kiddo, and your sissy will see you soon!