Friday, February 3, 2006

Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

This is my new boyfriend..;.yh?%km - Grrr Birdie just walked on the keyboard.
ANyways - THAT handsome fellow is my new boyfriend - Stuart. I think I love him. When Mommy showed me his picture I gave her lots of kisses. I haven't met him yet but I think he likes me too! Mommy says maybe we can go to L.A. this summer to meet him. I can't wait.


  1. Are you old enough to be dating, minou?

    He is cute though, but is he smart & funny? Will he share greenies equally?

    Good luck on the scen minou, you'll need it, even a beautiful bitch like you.

  2. are you guys know... do the wild thing??? My babymaker was removed before mommy got me.