Thursday, February 9, 2006

mommy is home. YAY!
But she was LATE. And you know who's fault it was?
She got stuck behind the accident they caused for over an HOUR! Mommy said it was horrible - she has to pee real bad. I'm glad I wasn't there. But now she is back. I was even happy to see Thor. I am not happy to see shw has been on my Blog. She will pay for that. Mommy knit her a dogasaurs rex sweater to match mine - as soon as her camera battery is charged she will take pictures of us. We almost caused our own accident today walking down the street - cars kept stopping in the middle of the road to look at us!
Here is the supposed story of why That BAND caused the accident.


  1. the "here" story link is missing???!!

  2. Minou I'm not sure if you have time in your busy schedule with the blogging, training Thor/Birdie and such to shop, however have you seen this site?
    Click on the Cubby Couture link to see lots of wee doggy wear.