Saturday, February 4, 2006

i can't get my blog to load and it is DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!! Although if anyone else is trying to load it they probably can't either so that means no one can read this anyways. And tomorrow Mommy is going away with the computer. Grrrrr.. I keep asking if i can go along. I was sitting on one of the suitcases today just so mommy knows I want to go. Birdie has been putting all of her toys and clothes on top of the bag like she is helping pack. What does she know.
It was storming out today and I had to get a manicure and my blog won't load. It sucks.

ok several hours later and I can finally view my blog. I've just realized people are leaving comments and they aren't being emailed to me. Something is terribly wrong here.
Evil blogger.

Mommy was having a shower this morning and Birdie has such a hissy fit that she is without Mommy for 2 minutes that she actually went in the shower twice. She is such a baby...
Birdie's cherry eye seems to be better - the ointment worked right away but we are still putting it on for another 4 days. The vet said it isn't genetic so Mommy thought she wouldn't harrass the breeder even though she kinda wants too. We don't really understand why it isn't genetic. The vet compared it to a bacterial infection. It isn't contagious ro anything.
I doubt me and Stuart will DO IT. I only do it with my baboon - even Birdie tried to do it wiht my baboon but I put a stop to that. I have been fixed and i think Stuart has too since he is a rescue dog so it wouldn't matter too much if we tried. Nothing could happen. We bought him a but of toys. mommy was supposed to make him a sweater today but she didn't. Now it will have to wait until she is back from kamloops as she won 't have her sewing machine/patterns/fabric with her. She doesn't want to knit him one because it really isn't cold enough in L.A. for a thick knitted sweater.
Anyways enough rambling....

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  1. WHEW, I'm so glad your little sister is ok - tell mommy that I love her new sweater.

    Behave yourself with your new boyfriend, Min.