Sunday, February 19, 2006

minou and birdie in minou's tent
Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

We look pretty cute together... Still she is annoying...
And I don't know why she thinks she can blog while she is away with Mommy's computer. She can't even spell.
Mommy is talking more and more about being away all of March. I am terrified... Before it was NYC, Budapest, and Wales....
Now it is NYC, Budapest, London, Pompeii, Paris and Wales... All supposedly for "work" yah right. I heard her tell Daddy they have to go to Italy to rent shoes and London to rent costumes..... I'm starting to doubt all this...
My plan to prevent Birdie from coming here failed but now I must think of something to keep Mommy from going away.
Mommy said Auntie Angie is coming to stay with us so she can at least be a sort of substitute Mom while Mommy is gone...
We had a good play time outside yesterday. Mommy thought she was making some uber movie of us - turns out she was just watching us through the view screen and never actually pressed any buttons. Moron. Maybe we will run around again outside today. I'll get Daddy to push the button just to be safe.


  1. Oh Minou, you and Thor look so sweet. Your Mommy is so lucky!! (Well, I shouldn't say that because I know she has worked really hard for it, but... well, I'm jealous. What I should say is, I'm very happy for her, she deserves it.) I'm sorry you will have to be without her for so long.

  2. Minou the two of you are so darling. Looks like Birdie really loves you (I checked out the pictures on Flickr)...

  3. Birdie/Thor's getting BIG, holy cow how those pups grow!

    Okay, I just came back up to the comments box to tell you this Birdie, guess what the word verification string was?


    Quite a coincidence, eh?