Tuesday, February 7, 2006

burdeeeeeeee es #1!!!!!!!! Burdee go shupin weth mome - lots. an burdee go to theeater weth mome. Burdee met neu peepul at theeater. but no meneu. `11111w22ZXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn t5
mome step on burdee an mome set on hggg00000000000000000000000------------------------------72111110899 4 burdee.av bwsas;/'gbo99hv c
burdee screem
burdee see dawg naam ellah - AWZBH66?GTLO7+-burdee tri bit ellah`xzd87.c-=
burdee gud tipr.


  1. Hi Sweetie. It's your Auntie Stephanie here. I'm really glad you're taking good care of Mommy... it's too bad that Mommy seems to be injuring you by accident.

  2. learn to spell , crotte de nez!
    what are you, a drywaller?

  3. You are a very good typer for a baby chihuahua. Auntie Steph tells me you are having a fun time on your trip with Mommy. Try not to be under Mommy's bum or feet when you see them coming...

    Give Minou a lick for me and Sophie when you get home.

  4. You doing very well at writing Birdie. Do you want to come to class with me?

    Sorry you're getting stepped on, but I think that's part of life as a small dog.