Sunday, February 12, 2006

This looks like it is going to be mommy's next project after she finishes in Kamloops in another 2 weeks. She is VERY excited about it. A little too excited I think. She keeps telling people she is peeing her pants kind of excited and that is disturbing for a grown woman. I guess I will TRY and be happy. However if this means she is going to be away again I will be less then impressed. I'll speak to that peter myself - maybe pee on his pillow.
Mommy is talking about going on another trip after she goes to NYC. And she has never once mentioned I am going along. It is one thing to leave me at home and take Birdie to Kamloops. Who Wants to go to Kamloops. Not I. But NYC? Or this other place - Budapest? They sound like the kind of place a girl of my breeding belongs.... Birdie should stay in Kamloops while me and mommy go. Alone in the crappy motel room. And Daddy can stay home and make sure those squirrels don't eat my food.
Oh - HEY - I got new food. Mommy bought me the Royal Canine chihuahua food - I LOVE IT.
enough for now. Daddy let me use his computer to blog since MOmmy and Birdie went back to kamloops but now he wants to play his video game again.


  1. OMG, a Peter Greenaway film? About Rembrandt? Can I come be your assistant on the set to babysit Minou and Birdie? I can probably pin up hems, though I'm afraid I can't sew very well.

    When are you coming to NYC? I grew up there and my mom is still there and I'm always looking for an excuse to visit. We could meet for lunch or coffee. Plus, I could show you where all the yarn stores are!

  2. I am going to NYC on March 2nd..
    Day 1 - help bride finish dress
    Day 2 - WEDDING
    Day 3 - recover from wedding if not still at wedding
    Day 4 - go swatching for fabrics for "Peter G"
    Day 5 - LEAVE
    I'm not sure how crazy busy things will be it will be like a mini 5 year reunion for me and my grad school friends. What I really need is good fabric and trim stores if you know those! My friends in NYC are all lighting designers....
    Minou and Birdie are staying at home though as air canada wants $200 each for them to come along. Stupid Air Canada....

  3. A... a Peter Greenaway film??? A Peter Greenaway film. A..... a Peter Greenaway film.

    I'm sorry, I have to go lie down or a minute.