Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Thor is wounded. She has Cherry Eye. This will put a damper in our training schedule - it was going so well! She will have to use the force, Which might work cause Grandpa thinks so looks like Yoda anyways - I'd like to spray paint her green.
We had to go to the vet today for her cherry eye cause Mommy was freaking out. Now she needs ointment 3 times a day for a week. And it still might not go away.
I knew there was something wrong with it. This morning when we were getting ready to go to the vet I kept sticking my nose in her eye trying to sniff it, Mommy would tell me to stop but I don't listen so well. We also got matching t-shirts today - with polka dots - no pictures though - I think mommy forgot.
I hope Thor gets better she needs to be healthy to attack those evil cats.


  1. Poor baby! What caused this cherry eye?
    Feel better soon.

  2. Awwww poor thor hey that rhynes lol. Hey Minou check out my blog and look at my haircut pictures!!!

  3. Oh, poor Birdie! I know that cherry eye is sometimes a problem with certain breeds. Perhaps your mommy can mention it to Birdie's breeder. I don't know if it is genetic. If the ointment doesn't help, the little one might need the vet to tuck and stitch it back in.

    Tell your little sister and mommy that I hope everything's OK! Mommies worry so much when doggies are sick...

  4. Oh poor Thor...hope she mends soon so you two can get to the training!!! Is your song suppossed to sound garbled??? Oh, wait til you see the dumb scarf my mommy made me wear because it's the superbowl....Go Steelers!!!