Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Auntie Steph was wondering what we would all do during her trip to Vancouver at the end of May. I started working on her Itinerary....

Auntie Steph’s Itinerary
By Minou

Arrive in Vancouver

Sleep until 10:30am
Buy cookies at 3 dog bakery
Walk along kits beach
Bark at neighbours
Go to bed at 9:00pm

Sleep until 10:30am
Walk along sunset beach
Go for lunch at Doggy deli
Hump Baboon or other special friend
Go to bed at 8:30pm


Sleep in until 9:30am
Have a nap at 11:00am
Walk to rocky point
Go shopping at Uptown Dawg
Eat Greenies
Go to bed at 9:00pm


Sleep in until 11:00am
Go buy new clothes at Barking babies
Bake cookies
Eat Cookies
Steal Birdie’s cookies
Hump Baboon or other special friend
Go to bed at 9:00pm


Sleep in until 10:00am
Walk around buntzen lake, pee on things
Go to Sir Dog for Pupperoni
Cuddle on the couch and have nap under blanket
Go to bed at 8:30pm

Sleep in until 9:30am
Walk to rocky point beach
Get Doggy Ice Cream
Visit Auntie Angie at Starbucks, eat crumbs in starbucks wrapper
Cuddle on couch and have nap
Eat Greenies
Go to bed at 8:30pm


Let Mommy hang out with Auntie Steph and Janie Clarkson

Auntie Steph goes back to Dartmouth

If I have missed anything Auntie let me know!


  1. I wish I was coming to Vancouver to nap and pee on stuff.


  2. Robin says what about barking a the squirrels. She also says you need to add in a few cat wrestling sessions each day… maybe you could borrow a cat.

  3. You forgot snuggling, you licking my nose while standing on my shoulders and wagging our tails at each other. Other than that, it looks like our days will be quite full.

  4. What? No humping of Aunt Steph?