Thursday, April 10, 2008

Got my haircut.
Remember that nightmare haircut I had in Jan? You don't? Oh that is funny - is it because I hated it so much I didn't take any pictures of it, didn't wear my hair down for 3 months? In fact no one knew I even had a cut... just the way I wanted it.
Anyways I have hated it everytime I look in the mirror so I finally chopped it all off. I wanted to wait to grow out the sides so it could be longer but it wasn't going to happen anytime soon...
Finally I can wear my hair down again without feeling like an idiot.......

Went to the new gym today - our rec centre just had a major makeover and it is all shiny and pretty. I tried out the 'wave' and the 'arc'. I can barely walk now. But it was fun - I'll go back tomorrow.

Oh you will all find this amusing...
I was in the middle of boot camp yesterday when I noticed something in my running tights. I pushed it with my finger hoping it wasn't dirty underwear, or even clean underwear.... It wasn't underwear. I thought it was a sock. I pulled it out and was about to show my triumph to the lady next to me so we could both have a giggle when I realized it was a pantyliner. ACK. I shoved it back in and waited for the next opportunity to rid myself of it. I have NOOO idea how it got there. Don't worry it was unused, I'm just not sure how it got to the knee of my running tights without me noticing........ Reason #1 to not get dressed at 5:30am.


  1. I know I told you that writing about this story on the internet was probably just as embarrassing as telling the lady next to you... but then I realized: writing the story out and actually SEEING the pantyliner - makes for two entirely different reactions.

    Reaction to writing: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Reaction to seeing: ewwwwww!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm wondering if it was sabotage by your puppies so you would stay home with them instead of going to the gym.

    I wouldn't put it past them.

    p.s. whenever this happens to me, it always seems to be underwear.

  3. I like to smell my Human's head after she's been to the groomer!

  4. LOLOLOLOL... nearly pee'd laughing at that!