Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It is 10:15pm. Not that late but definitely past my bedtime. Waiting for Dad to arrive. He didn't leave Calgary until 3:00pm and it is a 10 hour drive... We will just see what time he gets here...
Bathroom is ALMOST done. ALMOST. A few bits left to do that will have to wait until dad is gone. There is still some tiling along the wall around the sink, the hot water doesn't work (leaking), and I want a shelf under the sink that still needs to be done. But overall I am really happy - it is so much nicer and fresh looking.
new BATHROOM (sink) YAY!
Finally got the girls to pose in their hoodies - they are thrilled as always.
new hoodies


  1. Oooooh... nice bathroom...

    cute puppies.

  2. Awww, you two gals look GRRRReat in your hoodies!


  3. Cute chihuahuas! Check out my blog when you have a chance :)