Thursday, April 24, 2008


Should have gone to the gym this morning.
BUT (I have all kinds of excuses) I still have my cold in the form of a horrible death cough. Really phelgmy and nasty sounding. And I got my stupid period last night.

Normally I take my incredible miracle prescription to fight off the cramps and I keep going - however I still usually feel pretty horrible and the prescription makes me 'out of it' in a big way. I don't like taking it. Without it though I am to much pain for anything. But since I have been off caffeine for almost a month I decided to see what kind of an effect it would have. (I have heard it could help) So far no cramps. It is too good to be true. And I am paranoid that it is too good to be true so I am scared to leave the house or even take my pjs off. (Steph suggested bringing the pill with me but I need to take it with a full meal or I puke my guts out so that doesn't really work all the time) So I will sit it out a few more hours and see what happens. I like the idea of it working however I really miss all the caffeine and chocolate. I miss coca cola, green tea lattes and chocolate bars.........

Anyways. I have all kinds of little projects I should be doing... I'm just not really doing anything.... I did have work the last 3 days but it is over now... Back to EI. To bad it isn't sunny out.

What does everyone think of the name 'Angela' for a boy? I think it is Fabulous! heh heh


  1. No, not a name for a boy - only for my princess. There are better names for a boy. Why are you asking???

  2. Yeah...why are you asking? You said you have cramps, so no little Angelos in your casa...