Monday, April 14, 2008

Some of you may have seen this photo of my bathroom when we first bought the house awhile back...
Well. It is a little different now.
I asked Luc if he would buy me some paint and new mirror and a new light. We have dreams of gutting the whole thing but I thought a little surface cosmetic work could go a long way.
My first mistake was asking Luc.
We went to ikea to pick out a mirror and light.
This is what happened.
no sink
Tonight there is actually some progress being made. My dad is arriving on Wed so there was an original deadline of Wed but I was starting to lose hope.
I think I may be able to stop washing my hands in the tub soon! YIPPEE!
Soon to be bathroom sink
The girls will miss their new spot to get warm. The work light gives off alot of heat and I caught the two of them alone in the bathroom lying as close as they could to it right on the floor. For those of you who don't know what a big deal that is - they won't even SIT on the floor unless there is some kind of carpet. They also have real issues being in a room without a person within 3 feet.
Tanning Salon

Been stressed out about the amount of work lately - or should I say lack of work. I am meeting with EI people about a grant to go back to school fulltime in the fall. I like the idea of school fulltime but I don't like the idea of what year with no income could do to us financially. It would have been nice to save up a little money before deciding to go back to school. I might get a job painting but I don't really want that to become my fulltime job to put myself through school for the next 5 years. I don't think my knees and shoulder will take it. Stress stress stress

Made the girls some hoodies the other day. Been buying the cute clothes at Joe at Superstore. Got these super duper terry cloth hoodies. People always think I just take them in but I don't - I actually cut them completely apart. I'll use a hem or seam where I can but I don't usually. n these ones I used the hood but still modified it. I usually sew them on my serger but it was at the serger doctor getting better.
I have no final pictures of their little hoodies - they wouldn't pose nice - eventually.

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  1. Ah - the tiny dogs! SO cute! Honestly, it takes me aback a bit when they are posed next to something for scale. I keep forgetting how little they are...

    The reno that starts with a mirror and before you know it, there's demolition? Yup. We know about that here.