Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Minou is hot and tired

It is my favourite girl's birthday today.

Reasons why I love Minou:
1. She waits up for me every night no matter how long I stay on the computer or how late I stay out with friends
2. She is always up for a nap in the middle of the afternoon
3. She is clumsy and accident prone - JUST LIKE ME!
4. She doesn't like pickles
5. She looks good in pink
6. I love the way she tucks her little pink nose under her back legs and sleeps rolled up in a little ball
7. She likes to sleep in until at least 10:00am everyday
8. She understands every word I say to her
9. Minou loves everyone and will often try and get into strangers cars because she thinks she knows them
10. There are people who know Minou that I have never even heard of
11. She gonna be a famous actor as soon as her movie is released
12. She loves me on days when I feel super crappy and sad
13. She loves me on days when I feel super happy!
14. I love how when she sees me at the door she wags her tail so hard it looks like her body will split in two
15. She always sleeps in between my feet - every single night for the last 5 years, I can't sleep without her there
16. I love how she lets me torment her with new clothes and silly cuddling
17. I love that her favourite toy is a baboon twice her size from the value village in Dartmouth. Probably the only toy the dictator has ever bought for her
18. I love her big brown eyes - truly sad puppy dog eyes.
19. She knows when I am feeling sick and makes the perfect hot water bottle.
20. She knows the timer on the stove going off means the cookies are done and will cry until she gets one.
21. She always comes to the bathroom with me - weird, maybe even creepy but hey how many of you have someone to talk to while you are on the throne.
22. I love that she is so tiny and she works - without batteries or anything! She is the smartest and loves with all of her heart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!!!

Minou here is hoping we have another 20 years together! And yes - you can have cake for supper..... MWAH BABY MIN MIN!!!! Greenies and kisses for you!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINOU! I hope you have a grrrrEAT one!


  2. Happy Birthday Minou! Best wishes for toys and happiness.

    Robin says she hopes you have plenty of squirrels to bark at if not than she says it is fun to bark at the neighbour’s cat.

    Paula and Robin

  3. Hapy Birfday Minooo,
    I tirnd 4 yirs old on Toosday!
    Luv and liks,

    I forgot Minou had the same birthday as the Sophie...Happy birthday Minou! Aww, sending kisses and snorgles,

  4. Happy birthday to my favourite chihuahua!

    I hope you liked the singing last night. Uncle Andrew and I may have been off key, but our hearts were in the right place.

  5. Happy Birthday Minou! Hope you didn't party too much.

    Maisie and Michelle

  6. Minou, you're a rockstar! I've never even met you in the flesh and I'd love to have you come live with us.

    Happy Birthday, mwah!

  7. P.S. I love it even better that you share a birthday with my own dictator.