Thursday, October 20, 2005

I got a new sweater!!!!! And it isn't my birthday and it isn't from Mommy or Daddy.
It is from Mommy's BOSS! Sheila!!!!! She pretends she doesn't like me but we all know that isn't true now! It is from the GAP! I have a gap sweater. I think Daddy is gonna like it because he gets sick of all my girly pink sweaters. Maybe he will hang out with me this weekend....


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  2. Minou! We are so jealous. A sweater fromthe GAP! I don't think our Mommy knows that she can buy us sweaters at the GAP. I wonder if this is a Canada thing or if they all have dog sweaters? We are going ot surf on over to the GAP website right now and check it out.

    PS - Our Daddy hates in when Mommy dresses in fru-fru clothing too.

    Wags and Kissses -
    Abbey and Opie

  3. Hey sweetie pie. You look adorable in your stripey sweater. It's like Steve's sweater on Blue's Clues. Except his was a rugby shirt with a collar. I love the photo of you with the greenie. it looks like you're doing kareoke.

  4. What a cute sweater. It is getting cold again unfortunately. It's time for me to start doggy sweater shopping again.