Monday, October 17, 2005

This is me supervising daddy with the turkey - it was even bigger then me!

DADDY'S TURKEY of which I was given NONE as usual.

my new food dishes - space age fantastic.
I have no pictures from mom 's birthdya cause they all suck and none of her presents smelled good or squeaked.
Mommy sais she was going to make me a new sweater tonight but she didn't. Grrrrrr....


  1. Your mommy sounds like she needs a couple days off! Good thing daddy's around. I don't get turkey either because it makes me spurt stinky stuff and then no one wants to sit by me. All my daddy knows how to cook is grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen pizza!!

  2. Any word on whether you'll be getting a sister soon?

  3. Hope you get a new sweater soon, winters coming after all.

    Liz did a comic strip about you and it is in the mail to you!