Sunday, October 16, 2005

ok i have some pictures of mommy'a birthdya to post but that is boring compared to what I will tell you now. I got to go to Value Village and Winners today!!! And instead of sitting in my bag with it all zipped up I got to sit in a shopping cart like a real person!!!! It was so much fun!
Mommy put my blanket down on the little seat section and then I sat there and she pushed me around the stores. I sniffed lots of clothes - lots and lots and lots. I think Mommy looked at even more. Sometimes when peole would come close enough I would sniff them too. It was great. Penny was with us too. After awhile in Winners it got boring so I went to sleep. Too many clothes. I knew why daddy stayed home.
Value village was a little bit more fun cause there was lots more smells there! I smelled EVERYTHING. But I was so tired. I asked Mommy for uppies and she picked me up and carried me around - I fell asleep for a little bit. Shopping is so exhausting - I never knew. Now I know why Mommy comes home from work sooo tired. I slept all the way home in the car. I had to have abig nap too.
But I like it - I want to go shopping more. I wish they let me in the fabric stores. and Grocery store. I always have to wait outside those places.
Oh and Sat. we even went in the pet store and I got a big bone and new toy.

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  1. I've never been in a real store before. Gee, your Mommy really loves you...must be nice! Why do I always get left out? No cute homemade greenies! NO LOVE I'm telling you!
    Maybe I need to have a talk with my Mommy today! Yes, I think I need to do that!