Sunday, October 23, 2005

look what daddy did to mommy's arm while she was sleeping this afternoon - ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!!

this is me napping with mommy.

look at the big pretty mushroom behind me - we went for a walk Sat. morning to the bank. They fed me lots of treats there.

MOMMY"S TV SHOW. If you are in Canada you will know when to watch!

me in the fall leaves during our walk.

a sunflower on our walk. It was too high for us to sniff!


  1. Phew, glad to see that mushroom is behind you, I hear they can be poisonous. Much better to eat the treats at the bank.

    Your daddy must have been bored while you and mommy slept. Otherwise why would he do something so silly (but funny)!

  2. Your daddy is a good drawer.
    Your mommy is a heavy sleeper.
    What is this "schlor"? Is this a Canadian thing?

  3. What a nice tattoo. What did it say underneath the anchor? I can't make it out!

    You look absolutely adorable in that sweater, traipsing around in the fall foliage.

  4. BTW - Uncle Andrew and I saw the ads for Mommy's show and we both got very, very excited. I started hollering, "Look, Ang might have picked that out! Oh, oh, I bet she did that!!"