Wednesday, October 26, 2005

look what I got today! My first fan letter - and a talented fan at that. I think I will fire Mommy and hire her to do my winter collection - since Mommy hasn't even started and it is getting cold.
I will say there has been some progress on my halloween costume - it is a secret as to what it is. Not as good as Elvis but I think I will look pretty smart.


  1. She has style and talent, but I'm biased!

    Liz is camping with her school until Friday, but we'll make sure she checks out this post when she gets back.

  2. OMG - LIZ has got it DOWN! She's got Minou's essence! Mommy - YOU MUST MAKE THE FRENCH FLARE OUTFIT IMMEDIATELY. Tell DaVinci to wait. Have Brigadoon postpone the opening night. Minou must be garbed a la Gaultier!

  3. Minou, could you please talk to Liz and ask her to design a new fall line for German Shepherds? My bandanas are really getting old! I want to be stylin' like you!