Sunday, October 23, 2005

minou needs:
Minou Needs A Ottawa Home
Minou needs some new neighbors on that corner!
minou needs to learn to stop hitting other small animals
Minou needs a PFD and a floating litter box.

Mommy needs:
Mommy needs time to run.
nice mommy needs a little break!
mommy needs to go back to 2nd grade
Mommy Needs Coffee

Daddy needs:
dictator needs kidney
Dictator needs an Air Force.
dictator needs to show his devilish side with splashes of color like red for his bloody reign, and green for the bile in his heart.
dictator needs a lawyer to jog his memory about his ruthlessness in the past


  1. Rollie needs:
    For Minou to move to the woods in Ohio, so we can be better friends!