Friday, October 14, 2005

This is the shirt daddy made for me - I am super girl in it.
I still didn't give Mommy anything fofr her birthday - in fact I practically ignored her yesterday. HA HA!
I played with Penny who is visiting us... I like Penny.
I am superpuppy!!!!


  1. Hey Min min... I just got home from a business trip. What's the first thing I did? Checked your blog to see if you had posted any new pictures. And you have! You look mah-vel-lous in your new shirt . Daddy is a good seamstress... er... tailor.

  2. Wow, that is a cool shirt. But it would be super cool if it had a cape! I like your blog, come check out mine!


  3. Minou!!!! You look like a super hero in that shirt! Here she comes to save the day!!!! hehehe
    Does your Daddy know how to make those shirts in size: "Big German Shepherd Girl"?
    I want to be just like you...uh, only super sized!