Monday, October 3, 2005

we found Mommy!

Mommy left on Friday afternoon. I wasn't too worried cause I was waiting for Daddy. When he got home I asked him if we could go look for her. He DIDN'T let me!!!!!! Sat we went for a little walk and I looked for her but she was nowhere. Finally last night after I begged all weekend we went for a drive to look for Mommy and we found her! She was at the airport all weekend! I don't know why Mommy spent all weekend at the airport. She was there with her friends so maybe they were having fun. I am glad she is home now though. She does have some weird pictures that I have never seen at the airport before. I will show you some later.
Now I have to say good bye to her - she is going to work.


  1. Oh Minou...I was so worried! I am very relieved that you have found your mommy. I thought that she had to go see Dr. Tammy for her doggie flu! Is she better yet? Tell her not to scare us anymore! :)

  2. Glad your mommy came home. I want to see the pictures. If the airport there is really cool, I'd like to come visit it.
    Did she bring home any snotty kleenexes for you?